Incorporating a Reed Switch into Your Subassembly

Benefits of Incorporating a Reed Switch into Your Subassembly

Incorporating a Reed Switch Into Your Subassembly | Reed Switch Developments Corp

There are many benefits of incorporating a reed switch into your subassembly. Magnetic-based reed switches serve as a cost-effective and reliable means of sensing, switching and actuation. They are often used as an alternative to larger and traditional, bulky and more costly magnetic switches, without compromising performance.  The benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost Savings
    • Integration of high-reliability technology at a lower price point
    • Lower total overall cost of ownership over the use of traditional electromagnetic switches
  • Reliability
    • Zero power consumption requirements
  • Extended Useful Service life
    • Rated for millions of operational cycles without performance degradation
    • May be effectively used within remotely installed components, machinery and equipment
    • Relatively insensitive to temperature extremes
    • Small form factor for ease of installation within space constrained environments
  • Versatility
    • One inventory part number can support multiple subassemblies, applications and markets
    • Low profile design allows magnetic reed switches to be integrated into finished product designs with no added mass
    • Ease of integration into various complex geometries, slots and internal housings
    • Technology may be specified in the forms of bare reeds, switches, sensors or actuators, or as a combined unit, to suit virtually any application requirement

The R&D team at Reed Switch Developments Corp. offers more than 50 years of proven experience in incorporating a reed switch into your subassembly, with skills ranging from development and integration, to design concepting, and up through final completion. Our experience can be your biggest asset in identifying the best product technologies and integration strategies, for your unique requirements.  We look forward to the opportunity to be of assistance.

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