Advantages of Reed Switches in Finished Product Designs

Advantages of using magnetic Reed Switches within Finished Product Designs

Advantages of Reed Switches in Finished Product Designs | Reed Switch Developments Corp

The advantages of using magnetic reed switches, or magnetic reed sensors, within finished product designs are many. Particularly so, given that the relatively low cost and simple, reliable operation of magnetic reed switches allow for significant design flexibility.

In fact, magnetic reed switch-based technologies, whether specified in the form of bare reeds, magnetic reed switches, magnetic reed sensors, proximity sensors, magnetic reed switch actuators, or as a combined set within reed switch/actuator kits, presents a number of unique advantages as a key component within finished product designs, including:

  • Simple and reliable sensing and actuation capabilities
  • Low-profile designs for ease of integration within space constrained environments
  • Zero power requirements for operation
  • Durability and performance over extended service life
  • Low component weight prevents mass loading of sensitive electronics
  • Low price point per unit
  • High performance for low overall total cost of ownership
  • Relative ease of customization

To support some of our more common customer application requirements, Reed Switch Developments Corp. offers 15 unique families of standard off-the-shelf magnetic reed sensors, actuators, reed switch/actuator sets, and bare reeds.  Should you find that one of our standard product offerings is not an exact fit for your requirements, our highly experienced, 100% US-based, in-house applications engineering team can design and develop a custom solution. Typically, that can be accomplished in shorter lead times than can otherwise be found among even the standard product offerings of larger industry manufacturers.  Ready to learn more about the Advantages of Using Magnetic Reed Switches Within Your Finished Product Designs?

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