Find out our Top 14 Applications in Commercial and Consumer Appliances for Magnetic Reed Switches, Sensors and Actuators 

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Magnetic reed switches, sensors, and actuators from Reed Switch Developments Corp. are popular design solutions for commercial and consumer appliances, and by both OEMs and aftermarket repair shops, due to their zero-power consumption, low profile, and extended field service life, free from mechanical wear.

They can also provide reliable actuation functions for appliances, along with tangible energy savings, at a reasonable cost.

Our Top 14 list of applications for consumer and commercial appliances, and in which our customers most commonly specify Reed Switch Developments Corp. standard and custom magnetic reed switches, sensors and actuators, are:

1. Consumer and Commercial Dryers

Magnetic reed switches are used to detect when dryer doors are closed or open. The switch is triggered by a magnet on the door. When the door is opened, an internal light can be turned on and/or the dryer can be signaled to pause or shut off, When the dryer door is again closed, the internal light goes out, signaling the dryer that it is okay to start or resume operation. A magnetic reed sensor can also be used to detect whether a dryer lint trap has been properly inserted.

2. Refrigerator Open Door Actuation and Energy Savings

Magnetic reed switches can be installed within refrigerator doors to activate the interior light whenever the door is opened.  In addition, when the interior refrigerator light is activated, a countdown timer can be initiated. The timer would then trigger an alarm if a refrigerator door has been left open for too long.  Magnetic reed sensors can also be used to detect whether specialty food bins have been properly closed.

3. Appliance Lighting Activated by a Door’s Opening or Closure

In commercial or consumer appliances which incorporate lighting that is activated by a door’s opening or closure, a magnetic reed switch can be installed on the door frame, together with a secondary magnet on the door.  Using a normally closed magnetic reed sensor, which does not conduct electricity in the presence of a magnet, an operator can ensure that when an appliance door is opened, the magnet moves away from the switch, allowing it to close and then turn on the light. When an appliance door is closed, the magnet again comes back into proximity with the magnetic reed sensor, and thereby causing it to reopen and turn off the light.

4. Compressors, Blowers and Pumps

In commercial and consumer appliance motors, compressors, blowers and pumps, magnetic reed sensors can be used to detect rotating shaft positioning and to provide feedback to the control system. The magnetic reed sensor is used to detect the magnetic field of a small magnet that is typically attached to the rotating shaft, and thereby allowing the system to determine both whether the shaft itself is in position, as well as at what speeds (RPMs) the shaft is turning.

5. Large Electrical Load Control

Magnetic reed switches, when paired with relays, can enable the further use of low signal-level voltage to control larger, often inductive, electrical loads, such as those required to power solenoids, motors and pumps.

6. Commercial and Consumer Coffeemakers

Within many of today’s modern coffeemakers are multiple lids, one typically used for water and the other for ground coffee. Both of which need to be closed in order for the coffeemaker to operate properly.  A magnetic reed sensor can be incorporated within commercial and consumer coffeemakers as an effective method for ensuring that the lids are properly closed before operation.  In addition, for coffeemakers with a removable water reservoir, a magnetic reed sensor can be used to detect when a reservoir has been properly reinserted into the coffeemaker.

7. Commercial and Consumer Dishwashers

Within commercial and consumer dishwashers, magnetic reed switches can be used as door latches. Within this application, they help to ensure that a dishwasher door has been securely closed and that dishwashing soap and rinse aid dispenser compartments have been properly filled and closed before starting a wash cycle. The magnetic reed switches, when paired with a specialty actuator, can also be used for water level sensing, to help detect when a machine has reached appropriate internal water levels for operation.

8. Commercial and Consumer Washing Machines

Magnetic reed switches can be installed as lid and door latches on commercial and consumer washing machines to ensure that the lids, doors, and any detergent or fabric softener dispenser compartments are properly securely closed before either starting or resuming a washing cycle. Much like the earlier dishwasher applications, the magnetic reed switches can be used together with a specialty actuator for water level sensing, helping to detect when the washing machine has reached the appropriate internal water levels for the selected cycle.

9. Commercial and Consumer Oven Drawers and Doors

Magnetic reed switches can be used in commercial and consumer oven drawers and doors to ensure that they are securely closed before starting a baking, cooking or self-cleaning cycle.

10. Microwaves

In microwaves, magnetic reed switches can be used to control internal lighting, as well as to ensure that the door is securely closed, before starting a cooking cycle.

11. Appliance Related HVACR Systems

In appliance related HVACR systems, magnetic reed sensors can be used to ensure that all service and filter hatches are closed and secure before operation.

12. Pool and Spa Equipment

Magnetic reed switch sensors can be used together with float-type actuators within pool and spa equipment, for both water level sensing and pump control. Within these applications, the magnetic reed sensor is used to detect the magnetic field of a small magnet attached to the float. This allows the system to determine the pool or spa water level and to activate or deactivate the pump accordingly.  In addition, a magnetic reed sensor can be used to ensure that a pool or spa filter is present and installed within its housing.

13. Vending Machines

Magnetic reed switches can be used in vending machines to detect when a product is dispensed. For example, a switch may be placed into a machine’s dispensing mechanism so that, when a product is vended, the switch is actuated, thereby sending a signal to the vending machine inventory control and point-of-sale system to register the transaction.

14. Any Commercial or Consumer Appliances with On-Off Switch Functionality.

Magnetic reed switches, sensors, and actuators from Reed Switch Developments Corp. are an excellent fit for these and other consumer and commercial appliances due to their reliability, energy efficiency, and long service life. The company’s in-house engineering team can work closely with OEMs and appliance repair shops to identify the best-fit solution for their specific application requirements.

To support these applications, Reed Switch Developments Corp. produces magnetic reed switches and sensors that are fast-acting, reliable, hermetically sealed and free from mechanical wear, ensuring years of reliable service in demanding environments. The company can accommodate custom reed switch developments of any quantity, with production lead times as short as ten business days.

The switches are available in SPST with a choice of NO or NC contacts, and SPDT configurations. Customers can also choose from a variety of magnetic reed switch materials with varying sensitivities and wattages (0.25W – 100W). A wide selection of case materials, including Celanex, Celcon, Lexan, Epoxy, and Valox, are also available. The company also offers aluminum, stainless steel, and brass housings for more extreme applications. Custom magnetic reed switch actuators are available with a large selection of permanent magnets that are designed and molded to mate seamlessly with the switch.

In addition, various wire and cable options, with popular insulating materials in 18-26 AWG sizes, are available. Connectors can also be supplied, including AMP, Molex, JST, Packard, threaded, weather-sealed, snap lock, lug, and other types. The in-house applications engineering team at Reed Switch Development Corp. draws upon the company’s more than 55 years of field-proven experience in these applications. The team works closely with customers to identify a unique “best fit” solution based on a multitude of application and performance parameters.

All Reed Switch Development Corp. products are 100% designed, developed, and assembled at the company’s own WBE-certified manufacturing facility in Racine, Wisconsin, USA. Find out today why Reed Switch Developments Corp. should be your trusted go-to partner for the supply of magnetic reed switch sensors, switches and actuators for your commercial and consumer appliances.

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