Reed Switch Developments Corp | Company History and Awards

History and Awards | Reed Switch Developments Corp

History and Awards | Reed Switch Developments Corp

History and Awards | Reed Switch Developments Corp

 history and awards

nomination for 2012 wisconsin manufacturer of the year

Reed Switch Developments Corp. was proud to be nominated again for this award for the second time, as we were the recipient in 1999. Only four companies in the entire state receive this award for being leaders in product innovation, customer service and creative strategies to cope with challenges such as Wisconsin’s labor shortage. Reed Switch Developments Corp. was nominated for the award again because of its continued growth, superb customer service, excellent employee training programs and low employee turnover. company history and awards

reed switch receives recognition for 45 years of business in racine, wisconsin

Reed Switch Developments Corp. in 2012, celebrated our 45th year in business with a 3rd consecutive year of continued growth in sales, manufacturing efficiencies and skilled jobs provided within the community of Racine. We are very grateful to be recognized by the State of Wisconsin and the City of Racine. company history and awards

Senatorial Recognition Mayoral Recognition

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Reed Switch Developments Corp. achieves formal certification from the the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Administration (DOA) as a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), and following an extensive third-party document review process. The certification is valid for three years. Company sales are up 30% over their highest pre-pandemic levels.


Reed Switch Developments Corp. remains open throughout the global pandemic as a designated Phase 2 Essential Business. Its manufacturing operations continue, largely uninterrupted, albeit with new health and safety procedures.


Reed Switch Developments Corp. marks another official milestone, achieving the highest sales numbers in its more than 50-year history, with a a 20% increase over the prior year’s historic growth.  The company attributes its continued success to its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and its commitment to 100% U.S.-based operations, as well as the success of its strategic growth partnerships and strong supply chain.


Reed Switch Developments Corp. officially becomes a third-generation family operated small business, when Christina Berns, daughter of president, Debra Dahlin, joins the company as its receptionist. The company marks its 50th Anniversary with ongoing in-house celebrations. It is also nominated for Wisconsin Small Business of the Year.


Reed Switch Developments Corp. enters into a major global distribution agreement with Amazon, as facilitated by its longtime global strategic marketing partners, Embassy Global, LLC, for worldwide online sales of its specially developed magnetic reed switch sensor and actuator kits.  The company also launches a brand-new website, further expanding its online product catalog.  The new site triples incoming website traffic and RFQ activity within 90 days of launch.


Reed Switch Developments Corp. begins strategic global technical marketing, PR, business development, and management consulting relationship with the Buffalo, New York based, Embassy Global, LLC, a fellow 100% woman owned small business and renowned industry experts in strategic growth for the sensors and electronic components industries, vastly increasing the company’s new business, customer acquisition and retention, and leads gen capability.


During the “Great Recession” in the U.S., Reed Switch Developments Corp. shows great tenacity and endurance by reaching a historic milestone: its highest annual sales in its history to-date.


Reed Switch Developments Corp. celebrates its 40th Anniversary. It is presented with a second Golden Key Award by RAMAC for its longevity, continuous growth and contributions to the community.


Reed Switch Developments Corp. experiences a 28% sales growth year, with the expansion of our magnetic reed switch product lines and markets served. The new corporate headquarters is completed and opened in Racine, and is designed in a West Coast Silicon Valley high-tech theme. This theme incorporates the two core philosophies of Reed Switch Developments Corp.: Creativity and Innovation. It incorporates lean manufacturing techniques and principles, including a full cellular manufacturing floorplan and new continuous quality improvement process protocols. The new facility also fosters an environment of employee creativity and innovation. In anticipation of the company’s continued success, the building is uniquely designed to facilitate its future expansion, without disruption of the original structural design.


Reed Switch Developments Corp. pioneers the total solutions package, which includes everything from design, development, sourcing, kanban and just-in-time shipping. Application development services, which include the integration of magnetic reed switch sensors and actuators directly into a customer’s device, brings a personalized service that only Reed Switch Developments Corp. can offer the market.


Reed Switch Developments Corp. receives the prestigious 1999 Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award. This award recognizes Reed Switch Developments for increasing its production capabilities by over 30% via the implementation of cellular manufacturing, along with a 28% sales increase over the prior two-year period. The sales growth was attributed, in large part, to its consistently strong historical on-time delivery performance.


Reed Switch Developments Corp. is named Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year! Only four companies in the State receive the Award each year for their leadership in product innovation, customer service and creative strategies to cope with challenges, such as Wisconsin’s labor shortage. Reed Switch Developments Corp. was chosen for the Award, due to its strong growth over the past three years, a superb record of on-time shipments, excellence in employee training programs, and zero employee turnover.

Reed Switch Developments Corp. receives the Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce Golden Key Award. The company is recognized for its advancements in production through implementation of cellular manufacturing, the doubling of its production capacity; and its empowerment of the company’s manufacturing team, by allowing for a continuous product improvement process. Such improvements alone allowed Reed Switch Developments Corp. to compete with multi-million dollar companies in their industry and on a global stage. First-generation company owner, Rose Dahlin, then officially retires from Reed Switch Developments. Her daughter, Debra, takes over company ownership. Reed Switch Developments Corp. expands further into global markets through the in-house implementation of web-based technology.


Second-generation Dahlin family owner, Debra, is named as Reed Switch Developments Corp.’s first female company president, a position which she holds today. Her mother, first-generation owner Rose Dahlin, is named as vice president. Together, the two women work together to strengthen and solidify their already-growing market position, as a 100% woman-owned manufacturer and small business in the State of Wisconsin.


Reed Switch Developments Corp. officially breaks into the international market with its first customer account in Seoul, Korea. At this time, their primary core competencies center around the supply of custom magnetic-based reed switches within niche markets, such as appliances and factory automation/robotics. Reed Switch Developments Corp. begins its specialization in highly custom applications designed to customer exacting standards, as more customers take notice of the company’s unique capabilities in these areas.


Reed Switch Developments Corp. moves its global corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations to Racine, Wisconsin, USA, operating 100% as a US-based manufacturer, under the privately family ownership of Harold and Rose Dahlin. Their daughter, Debra Dahlin, joins the company as Vice-President / General Manager.

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