Using Reed Switches to Support Liquid Level Sensor Designs

Let’s examine how Reed Switches Support Liquid Level Sensing. If you’re a liquid level sensing manufacturer looking to improve your finished products, hermetically sealed reed switch-based technologies can help.  Our product technologies can be used to significantly extend field service life, performance, and flow sensing and switching accuracy, even within the most challenging of environments. Reed switch technologies offers several key advantages within liquid level sensor designs. These include:

  • Integration capabilities in virtually any orientation or configuration
  • Zero power consumption when not in operation
  • Extended field service life
  • Low-cost technology with equal or greater effectiveness than traditional magnetic switches
  • Easy to modify and customize
  • Ease of installation within space constrained environments, allowing for seamless integration into sensor design

Are you a level sensing manufacturer looking to improve product margins and increase reliability?  We can help, with more than 45 years of experience.  Our applications engineering team can help you to find a suitable and cost-effective off-the-shelf solution. Or, we can custom manufacture one to your own unique requirements. We can produce custom reed switch technologies, and can even assist in subassembly manufacturing.  Custom products can be manufactured in virtually any quantity with shorter lead times than can be found with most industry off-the-shelf solutions. All of our manufacturing operations are based in the USA.

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How Reed Switches Support Liquid Level Sensing

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